Oh Fedex

March 22, 2014

That was unexpectedly fast. The ETA stated that it should be arrive at 4pm Monday. Well, time to test it out! :D This feeling of excitement… haven’t had it in years.


Play-Asia giving out discounts.

March 21, 2014

Apparently, there is a sales going on at Play-Asia starting today. When I found out about this my first though was “tut this just had to happen right on the day after I purchased Ar nosurge”, and then I read further and found that it only applies to products that are released before the month of March. Sadly, Ar nosurge was released in March so, I guess I can feel less bad… or not. What they are offering is: 20% off everything released before March 2013. This offer starts today (21st of March) and will be in effect until the 28th March next week. For me, I just made myself a purchase yesterday so I won’t be buying anything else so soon. If any of you are interested you can head over to there if you like, here you go:

Play-Asia.com Spring Sale: 20% off in-stock products!


Ar nosurge

March 20, 2014
Girls and robots, nuff said

Ion & Earthes; one pair of the two sets of main characters.

Some of you may be aware of this but Ar nosurge was released in Japan just recently. I have heard of the news of a RPG in the PS Vita Ciel no Surge series in development that would be released for the PS3 some time last year but I never had the time to followed up on that, next thing I know it was already released, heh. I’ve been particularly interested in Ciel no Surge for a very long time because it’s by Gust and from the looks of it alone clearly is the spiritual successor to the Ar Tonelico series (which I love!!!). It’s not set on the planet Ar Ciel, the Ar Tonelico world, but the whole mechanical surrounding theme is there, and song magic is still there, yeah close enough. Anyway I was never able to actually play Ciel no Surge because, well, it’s for Vita, AND I STILL DON’T HAVE A VITA ARGH. Then they announced a new entry in the series for the PS3, an RPG too (Ciel wasn’t an RPG, it’s some sim of sorts), and I was half-elated. Half because as I usually prefer to thoroughly enjoy a game – its references, cameos and all – I never really liked jumping into a series from its sequels. I guess it can’t be helped with this one. What I’m hearing is that it’s a prequel (?) to the events in Ciel no Surge? I’m not really sure about that yet.

Another point that really piqued my interest was that people are saying the battle system resembles Ar Tonelico 2. As you may have knows if you followed my review on Ar Tonelico 3 all those years ago, I’ve said that Ar Tonelico 2 had the best battle systems (IMO) in the entire series mainly because it had Ar Tonelico 1 to learn from and vastly improve from whereas they scrapped all those experiences by starting over again with an entirely new battle system in Ar Tonelico 3 (which was quite…. ‘bare’, in comparison).

I’ll be placing an order on Play-Asia later today and hope to get it within the week. ok… that’s probably impossible, maybe next week. So, out of my random busyness and having forgotten about this until yesterday, why am I suddenly so eager to buy it ASAP? Because a visit to the Ar nosurge website tells that they are giving out one free DLC of our choice for a period until the end of March. That and coupled with Play-Asia offering free shipment for it! Free shipment always seals the deal for me lol. Anyways, do check Ar nosurge out through the link below if you are interested.

Ar no Surge: Umareizuru Hoshi he inoru Shi | Buy Ar no Surge: Umareizuru Hoshi he inoru Shi (Japan Version) for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

The limited edition seem to be still in stock and enjoys the free shipping too but it’s way over my budget. If you are interested you can have a look at that too I guess. The box looks dang cool though, dammit =__= It also comes with music box thing that plays a tune that’s probably vital to the story. Anyway, link to it is below, video review of the music box further below.

Ar no Surge: Umareizuru Hoshi he inoru Shi [Agent Pack] | Buy Ar no Surge: Umareizuru Hoshi he inoru Shi [Agent Pack] (Japan Version) for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Update: seems like free shipment only applies to the cheapest choice in their list instead of free Fedex. Perhaps that was obvious, haha…ha…sigh. Oh well, $9 for Fedex is ok I guess.


Heh heh heh

March 13, 2014

Been AWOL for quite some times from here. Much has happened indeed, much has happened. Might finally be getting back at doing something with this place soon after this. For now, I’m kind of engrossed with finding something proper to do online. Anyway, I’ll probably resume reviewing stuffs soon.


Initial negotiation on an Aiura anime

September 6, 2012

has started according to the latest chapter in Nico! Holy crap yes! Apathetic comedy ftw!

If negotiations go through, Aiura will be the first ever anime made based on a Nico Nico Manga serialization. Probably will never happen but it’ll be nice too if someone decides to do a proper 7 episode OVA of Anzel Game; 2 episodes for each arc, 3 episodes for the last arc — not that it’ll ever happen, not that it’ll ever happen, not that it’ll ever happen.


Busy days

July 27, 2012

The past semester felt short, the previous post felt like last week but the date obviously tells its been ages. Too much happened between then and now… I’ve (in non chronological order):

  1. (almost) completed my final semester in college.
  2. finally fried my PC of 6 years beyond repair.
  3. had to do most of my assignments without my main PC and access to my usual resources.
  4. patched up a spanking new PC with some reusable parts so I could concentrate the entire budget on a non-shitty mobo, gpu, processor and all those much more important stuff.
  5. The power company came and replaced our old analog power meter with a new digital meter.
  6. Our monthly electricity bill suddenly went from 115 a  month to 845 a month.
  7. ordered, received, started playing, and paused from playing To Heart 2 DX edition.
  8. started playing and quickly cleared several doujin games which my previous PC weren’t able to run at all, on the new PC.
  9. Dad got injured at work when everyone was away from home for several days. With a strike of luck I happen to have stayed back instead. So I alone ended up had to handle all those random things that ensues with a hospital stay. Paperwork, waiting in line, traveling back and forth to the hospital several times a day, those kinda things, right when I was in the middle of rushing to meet my assignments deadline.
  10. Everyone else got back. Dad got better.
  11. Got mails, calls and went for several company’s job recruitment; passed all assessments I came across, failed all interviews I came across.
  12. Participated in and completed a HR project with one of the Big Four audit firms.
  13. something else I can’t remember.

And now I’m studying for my finals next week… not without little distractions and desire to procrastinate, like how I’m actually taking my time to post a blog entry now of all times after so many months lol.

There will be another job interview some time after the exam in August, then I’ll probably also go for a graduation trip to somewhere my group have not decided on yet…


Neptune V stuff

May 13, 2012

The website is now updated with character info, screen shots and stuff. The story this time seems to involve Neptune being somehow transported to a Gamindustry in an alternate dimension (alternate time?) which resembles the console gaming industry of the end of the 1980s. There will be Noire which represent the first PS (gray one, not the white ps1), Vert which represents the first xbox (black), Blanc as the Famicom (first JP edition, white red), and the new goddess Pururut (random romanisation), the goddess of Planeptune of that time. In battle screen shots seem to show the characters standing in line facing the opponents and that AP seem to have been ditched, suggesting that maybe the free movement system from mk2 has been removed, or revamped somehow to not need AP, however that might work. At least one thing is for sure, it still does seem to be turn based rather than realtime since the turn indicator is still there on the upper left.