January 15, 2008

As many may have noticed from before, I’ll be attending internship for this semester. Before that, we were given a huge stack of forms to be filled before we can officially go for the thing. It was given to us on Wednesday last week and we have to hand it back by Wednesday this week, that makes it tomorrow… and I’m just starting to care about it now lol. So yeah, the huge stack of forms include all sorts of stuff from registration to waiver of liability… those careful good for nothings…

Anyway, I was filling up whatever I could while leaving out those I couldn’t. Until I end up at this page (do ignore my fugly handwriting, that’s what happens when you do not write using a pen for over a year or so):


uhhh…. kaaaayyy………………. >.>

Then comes Google to the rescue!

Internet… what would we do without them these days…

Alas, I still have no idea what to fill them with since I have neither goals nor objectives in mind. Of course I will be using the obligatory “for practical experience” and also “for acquiring contacts in the field” but that’s still just 2 out of 7. Ah well…


One comment

  1. Just make it sound good whether it’s true or not. :D And wow, Google to the rescue indeed!

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