730 Clocks of Descent

January 20, 2008

I heard my mother (and someone else, forgot who) saying that those who are born in the year of the Snake (my father) and the year of the Horse (my sister) will have horrible luck for 2008 some time within December last year, and those born in the year of the Dragon (me) will have ‘average’ luck.

I don’t know what mine was for 2007 before but if you did read some of my past entries, you’ll know that I hurt myself from a fall and also got my wallet stolen and my drivers license and identification card lost together with it in December alone last year. Fast forward to 2008, as mentioned a few entries ago, my sister ALSO got her stuff stolen at her work place; her purse, drivers permit, identification card and handphone were done for.

And now today, our house got broken into and many of my father’s tools and parts for his work got stolen while they went out. Worse part is I’M AT HOME THE WHOLE FREAKING TIME >___> Doesn’t seem like a very spectacular year ahead, it’s very hard to imagine otherwise (not that I believe in superstition but when many similar occurrence (especially bad ones) happens at once, you know something’s not right)… and my internship starts tomorrow… how should I be feeling right now?


One comment

  1. Yikes, you were home the whole time? ^^;; In your room, I assume? Did you hear anything or notice anything strange? I hope your family’s luck turns around soon! As for your internship, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be fine. :)

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