The Day it Rained Electricity

January 21, 2008

Today was my first day of internship. But it turned out to be just a simple briefing on what I’m supposed to do, showed me where my office room was, and also introduced me to the receptionist so she won’t stop me thinking I’m just another student intruder next time I walk into the office. Ok so, my office room~ I’ll be sharing it with another intern, one from the graphics design majors. So our office room, it was empty today and our supervisor (who, as mentioned before, was also an ex-lecturer of mine) said something about the furnitures, computer and etcs will not be here till tomorrow, and there’s Thaipussam on Wednesday, so we will only be starting work this Thursday. Having nothing left to do after that, I went home.

Nothing too special happened at home today (I definitely hope not, seeing as how yesterday turned out to be, ‘special’ won’t mean good this year). Oh, except for that multi combo power surge thing during the storm later today. That freak stream of surge caused my computer to continuously turn on and off without being shut down properly >_> The last time I reformatted my harddrive was also because of an exact similar occurrence that screwed up my Windows pretty fine, I can already see my Windows acting funky right now… ah, just what I need 2008, juuuuust what I need… =__=



  1. Have you met your “internship roommate” yet? :p

    Also, was the power surge the reason you weren’t online earlier? :o I hope everything is okay! ^^;

  2. Office room… not bedroom… but yeah, I know that guy.

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