Nothing special 4

January 23, 2008

Today’s even less eventful than all 3 of the last ‘nothing special’s. Hmm, well, work officially starts tomorrow, and there’s this research thing I have to present before we will have a idea brainstorming session for the designs we would be using for my work. sigh… research… bleh… >__>

Ok, another rectangle to fill up the space w00t, and also another thing you would have seen if you’ve been stalking me, whatever me, blabla, same thing… It’s Shinkai Makoto omfg!

Actually, if you were able to find your way around to my uploads folder somewhere you should also be able to find the original video file of this in decent reso high quality goodness instead of some pixelly stream stuff… errr, yeah. Have a nice day.


One comment

  1. “ef” is a strange name for a series. :p Although I haven’t seen it, the trailer looks interesting and I really liked the quality of the animation. ^^

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