Electron Returns

January 25, 2008

Today was an interesting day consisting of some nothing, drama, and stuff. Spent most of the first half doing more paper work and sketching, then I got my own computer unit a few hours into the day, only that I have to go down 2 floors to get it myself and it’s THE slowest computer in the block. It has Macromedia Flash 5 (wtf?), Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 (lol wtf?!), no internet (omg?), blocks flash content in web browsers (WTF!?), reverts the hdd stat back to the initial state after every reboot (゜Д゜;), has nothing Adobe whatsoever, and lots of other restrictions. Ok, so I’m supposed to make a new and better website for the college… how you expect me to do that using this… this… thing?

Macromedia Flash 5 is like… ancient, the interface is alien to me, and 95% of the features and stuff I know 8 could do, 5 couldn’t; Dreamweaver 4 is literally just a fancier Notepad; I was asked to do some research on other websites while thinking up for some sketches there. Now if there’s a way to browse websites without an internet connection, I’d love to hear about it; So it’s supposed to be a website for the faculty of creativity and design (FOCAD), which I doubt they would want it to have nothing moving around (cough, flash) in it… so, where else do I test whether these flash stuff works well in the webpage if not in a web browser? In the toilet? pfft; So, the hdd reverts back to its initial state once it’s turned on again after a shutdown. So that means every undone/done work I leave in the computer will be gone the next day I come back to work~ Yeah, so I can just back up my stuffs and it’ll be fine, sounds real convenient, what makes them think I have a 100TB flash drive? Thing could easily go way over hundreds of MB in design, even before it’s done… ESPECIALLY before it’s done in fact. Besides, this reboot thing rendered blackouts a few trillion time more scarier than they were supposed to be; No Adobe… no Photoshop, no ImageReady, no Illustrator, no pictures for website woohooo~~ /o/ Really, what the hell are they thinking? >_>; Ok, I know this is necessary when this computer was in the lab for public use. I understand that those other moronic students knows no restrain and does destroy the hardware and software more often than necessary so these restrictions were a staple requirement in that place, but do keep in mind I’m currently an EMPLOYEE, NOT some retarded student trying to screw some contraption during their hours of break. So tell me, why am I getting these restrictions? Blah, in any case, addressed this matter to my more concerned supervisor and I think he’ll do something about it… I think.

Other than that, there was that incident where the whole office’s power tripped the moment I plugged in my CPU’s power. It isn’t and can’t be my fault since I just plugged it in but haven’t turned it on yet, so yeah. The office got power problems again later when the guy next to me with the Mac tries to plug in the USB for the printer in the Mac… which them spewed sparks and fire at my direction, along with causing the power to trip again lol. Having pwned the machines and worries that the room is cursed, we (me and that fire guy) were given the permission to use the newer Macs in the computer lab. Now I really have no use for a Mac since they do not have the programs I need installed, but meh. New Macs~~ then I notice they learned how to put restrictions on Mac too… … >__>

“Lets build a functioning rocket using hammer, nails and wood… ONLY!”


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  1. Sounds like you had a fun time! :p But seriously, did you point out your concerns to them? Remember, you’re making this website for THEM so it’s in their best interest to give you the tools you need to complete the job. ^^

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