First Saturday

January 26, 2008

Today’s the first Saturday since my internship started this week. It’s suppose to feel like those hard earned weekends back during the schooling days but instead it felt more like… just another day… Having been fooling around for over 2 years sure can make one feel dull.

Anyway, nothing much notable happened today. Just did some catch up on a couple of series along with some other uninteresting stuff. So… yeah, another stream thing. This time it’s of some guy playing and failing the extra stage with Marisa in Fuujinroku:


Not that i can do better though lol, I can’t even reach Suwako as far as I could recall.

EDIT: hmm, on second thought, I bet no one reading this would know how to appreciate danmaku anyway. So to compensate for that, here:

Been addicted to this song since it was first conceived around early last year… great stuff.


One comment

  1. No offense but that song was mostly talking and high-pitched shouting. xP

    Also, better learn to enjoy the weekends, they are your only chance for extended free time for a while. :p

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