Electron Returns Again

January 28, 2008

Another day at work. Pretty much spent the whole day on designing some poster for some up coming talk of some sort.The computer they gave me had nothing really suitable to be used for creating posters or any still materials for that matter. Ended up using Flash 5 to make the poster rofl. It’s an interesting experience I guess… very restricted and limited capabilities, but interesting. At least I learned not to ever use Flash 5 to design a poster again lol.

Oh, and the Mac spewed lightning again, this time it’s caused by the IT guy. Seems that they concluded the problem lies with some faults in the method of power distribution within the office floor or something along that line, and they’ll be fixing it for us. Yay? Nah, I’d prefer my computer to be fried to ashes, then they’ll have to replace it for a newer one /o/


One comment

  1. I hope your office building has fire insurance. >.> And I hope you have medical insurance too. xD;;

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