Another day at work with no work

January 31, 2008

So this is what they call routine huh… it’s more boring than ‘hard’. Oh well, CNY holiday starts this weekend, lasting for a full 2 weeks or so. Had plans to return to Ipon on Thursday or something like that, etc. Yeah. Here’s more video (for those who plan to watch Higurashi but have not done so, don’t play this. It’s a total spoiler fest showing every single crucial scene through out the first and second season. For those who couldn’t care less or have seen it, go on). It’s one of the best MADs I’ve ever seen made, mixing one of the best shows with songs by one of the best groups:

It’s the second part of a two parter actually, YouTube didn’t have the first part as far as I’ve searched. First saw that MAD on Nico sometime back… was just searching stuff for fun in YouTube but ran into this, so… yay~ but of course, the one from Nico had higher video quality. Heck, I’m going to download it! Rawr. Have a nice day.


One comment

  1. Welcome to the working world, Shiroki! ^^

    I don’t have any plans to watch Higurashi but I’m reluctant to play the video anyway because doing so would GUARANTEE I’ll never be able to watch it for sure. xD;;

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