Rambo 4

February 1, 2008

Went to the movies today and saw that. Pretty fun show I must say.

It utilizes tonnes of overkill, pwnage, “you’re gonna get raped” and exploding Burmese. You’ll also get to see lots of anti-tank/aircraft/battle ship/battle fortress/building/planet/ZA WARUDO/etc weapons being used on human targets, with fun outcomes. Interesting eh? Well, the story part of it is pretty shallow but that’s awwwriiight~ the actions are epic so it’s all good.

Bottomline, go watch it for some 2 hours of feel good time!
or something… have a nice day.


One comment

  1. Do they actually call it Rambo 4? The commercials I saw just called it “Rambo,” which seems confusing to me because people wouldn’t know if it’s a remake or a sequel…

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