Another day of holiday…

February 14, 2008

…with nothing special at all. Oh, except I finally cleaned my air conditioner’s filter thing since the piece of contraption was literally spewing chunks of dust all over the place for as long as I could remember. And also finding out that cleaning the filter didn’t really help in the end since it was really the cylindrical fan that’s accumulating and tossing the dust. Aside from that, I spent the rest of the day on some quality time with my trusty PS2~

…here is something I played and loved really much back during secondary school. New things yesterday are old things today huh… well obviously of course… ohwadahek

…every time I watch/hear something related to a game I once liked, I’ll feel the urge to play the thing again. Watching/hearing a lot of those at once aren’t really a good thing.


One comment

  1. Oh, is this the original game? If so, I’m impressed the original one had such high production values too! It had a nice song too. ^^

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