Birthday Thingy

February 16, 2008

Err, yeah, it is my birthday today. Went out with my friends to Midvalley Megamall in the morning and stayed there till early evening. They just spent most of the time there going around looking for a present for me while I tag along to provide my approval or disapproval for whichever they suggest or something when inquired. They had decided to get me a gashapon or figures or those kind of things seeing as how otaku I am, so shops selling those stuffs were the main targets for dropping by.

After lots of considering and searching, we finally decided on this awesomeness:


For those who have trouble figuring where that was from, here’s a clue.

Those Busou Shinki ones were pretty awesome too actually, I’ll definitely get some of those the next time I contemplate about getting some tangible otaku stuff other than mangas. Though their prices are a pain in the ass to handle, bleh.

Then it was my families’ turn to have celebration that night. It was simple. Pretty good day for one out of the routine I suppose.


One comment

  1. That’s a pretty cute present. Powered by money, haha that’s hilarious! xD

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