The headphone lady

February 20, 2008

There’s this lady I’ve been running into from time to time ever since I started college and she seem to always have a headphone on her every time I catch sight of her. I assumed her to be one of the random employees within the building somewhere, seeing how she can be around so often, although she dresses more like she’s about to go to the wet market rather than to work.

Now that I’m in the office everyday, I’ve been sighting her hanging around in here as well, with her headphones on, dressed like she’s about to fight for that last salmon on discount… really, that’s quite wrong in a way… I thought she was a janitor or something but it turned out that she’s really working in the office (Well, actually, I’m not too sure about that afaik, but one can’t just barge in and act like the place’s their home in the office unless they’re working in there or in one of the other offices on one of the other floors). Why does she always have that headphone on her anyway? Maybe she has some sort of mental anomalies where she’d go yandere if she lacks soothing audio stimuli, therefore music acts as a suppressant of sorts! …reminds me of Mars Attack. Have some dudes to thank for reminding me of that movie recently too.

Oh, and I’ll be getting my PSP within this or next week. woohooo…
…yeah yeah, It’s nothing new~ I’m a laggard~ I’m slow~ etc etc. So? Sue me.


One comment

  1. Maybe she just likes music? Some people listen to music as they work, it helps them get through the day I guess.

    Wait, you’re getting a PSP? o.o (after watching The Third, I think of something else when I hear “PSP” xD)

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