Some IT company name thingy

February 22, 2008

My graphic designer roommate was transcribing some information about some IT internship thingy that he’ll need for a project soon when I caught a glimpse of the names of the companies participating and the jobs they are offering for interns. Some of them sure have interesting names, especially a certain one of them. Well, I bet it wouldn’t sound weird to the layman but for some certain reason that I’m sure most of you would know, it does sound amusing to me. I didn’t have a camera with me then so it’s a pity that I didn’t get to take an actual picture of it on print but meh, here’s the website of the said company anyway.

hmm, on another note, I most probably will be getting a PSP tomorrow… MOST probably… that means there might be a chance I won’t… well, yeah, meh.


One comment

  1. At least it wasn’t Tentacle Monster Technologies, right? :P

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