February 23, 2008

Didn’t get to buy my PSP today thanks to me waking up late + me being lazy + me forgetting to tell my parents about my soon-to-be-huge-spendings + etc. Anyway, everything is cleared now, TOMORROW WILL BE THE DAY! Well, it could be I guess, depending on whether my friend will be coming along or not as the extra guard for the RM800 and as for now, things aren’t final for him yet.

Oh well, here, have more uber not-new videos.


One comment

  1. I could tell by the name of this entry that you didn’t get your PSP. xP Hopefully by the time you read this you already got it! :D I recently got a Nintendo DS, myself. More like, my sister got a new DS Lite and gave me her old DS. xD Not like I have much time to play it anyway…

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