It’s a Sony

February 24, 2008

Actually, it’s a Sunday. And like every other Sunday of mine, it always starts with breakfast outside with my family + some extended family members who happen to feel like tagging along. Nothing new there.

Only note worthy thing about today is that I finally got my PSP omgxorz! Err, yeah, well, had trouble picking the color. Black was cool but it’s too common + it’s PIANO black, meaning finger prints will be all over it and it’ll be very obvious. White, Blue, Red, Yellow is just… flat… kinda like a wall… well, that’s my opinion at least, and since I’m buying so my opinion rules, so hah! Light blue, light lavender and silver reminds me of some semi transparent plastic. Gold… was ok, but omg it’s gold… Saint Seiyaness… that and the last thing I want is for some retard of a thug thinking that I’m staring and pressing at a gold ingot. Anyway, after balancing practicality and stuff, I went with silver.

Here’s proof of my ownership! rawr~ Yeah yeah, nothing to brag about~ it’s old gadgetry~ bla bla~ Bleh, I’m happy, and that’s all the matters… RM800… sob

PSP pic



  1. zomg its lolified on the spot. i see nekololigirl

  2. >nigel

    haha, well… ahem

  3. So that’s the thing taking up all your time these days, huh? :p

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