Hectic day, just that it wasn’t mine lol

February 28, 2008

Yeah, busy day for my roommate. Our tiny office room were practically crowded with nearly a dozen people seeking his service today since the principal suddenly blurted that she needed some million of printing works done by the next day, which no one knew about, and she assumed everyone knew about… yeah, trouble. But it has nothing to do with me since I’m not the graphics designer here, not that I know not how to do the things but meh, I wouldn’t have mind helping though(since I can’t really do my own work anyway thanks to technological and privilege restrictions), just that the computer I’m given doesn’t forgive.

Anyway, while my roommate suffers in our tiny room with lack of space, privacy, oxygen and with plenty of pressure in return, I went and spent most of the day in another room at the 7th floor with a better computer. Not that I was able to do much anyway since that one TOO lacks some software. To cover that specific part I’ll have to run down to the 3rd floor… agh… maybe next time.

Oh, and it’s decided that my family will be going on a single day trip to and back from Ipoh this Sunday to retrieve our dead car from CNY. I don’t mind about going anywhere though, not now that I have my PSP w00t~


One comment

  1. Dead car from CNY? o.o I don’t think you told me about that. ^^;;

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