Console gaming returns

March 1, 2008

Yet another few days of nothingness. It’s Saturday today, a holiday, a day of the week that I began appreciating again recently, one that I haven’t since 2005, a day with no real schedule I’d get killed for not following, a day of freedom, a day of GAMES/ANIMES. Err, yeah, spent my entire day playing Summon Night 4. It’s been a whole week since I last played it since I was spending my few remaining hours of the day left after work for the past week testing out my preciousssssss PSP, so yeah, moar PS2 /o/

Anyway, here’s something nice:

Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi… a sequel to a prequel haha. Right now, that’s the one and only game that’s REALLY making me dying for Wii. Seeing how fanatic I am to the Tales of series, I might actually get one after all! Not to mention the first Symphonia was also one of my favorites as well. Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology did manage to make me get a PSP after all, ahem. That and frankly, I need more Colette and Presea in my diet… MIZUKI NANA!!! I was lucky with the first Symphonia since it came out on PS2 in the end as I do not own a GC. And then there’s Tales of Vesperia… I’m not too sure about what the official announcements were since I haven’t checked them yet but people have been saying it’s for 360 only omfg orz Curse you Namco, make up your freaking mind and choose a single freaking system already. >__> Oh, but there are also talks that it might be also coming out on PS3 too so there’s still hope~ since I’ll definitely be getting a PS3 in some point of my life~ ugh …I’ll just go rob a bank next week or something… yeah.

Oh and tomorrow’s the day for that one day trip 150++km up north to recover a dead car. Lets just hope our car don’t die off again while trying to rescue our other car… or something.

lol, my afterword rant turned out to be longer than the main entry itself, ah well.


One comment

  1. Symphonia was one of my favorite GC games so you can bet I’m looking forward to this one too! ^_^ This was my first time watching the trailer.

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