Portable gaming returns

March 2, 2008

Well, today’s that one day trip to iPoh. The main objective is to return this car we were using which is actually my aunt’s and retrieve our real car. One of my other aunt who lives here in KL was also tagging along with us so she can get a haircut back in iPoh. It’s cheaper back there in addition to the availability of trusted barbers / hairdressers / hairstylists / hairdoers / lawnmowers / etcs who may not have the tendency to slice necks just for the kick, we ARE going on a trip back anyway so it’s practically a free trip for her if she just come along so it’s all FOC I guess, though I still find the idea of traveling 150++km just for a hairdo to be… not really right… whatever.

So… yeah, woke up real early in the morning to get ready and stuff, after that being a straight 2.5 hours trip up north. It was still dark when we took off so it was sunrise about half way through the trip. Have to admit, the heavily misted mountainous early dawn sceneries of the rural areas of this country can be breath taking in both a spectacular and creepy way, the latter pretty much thanks to Silent Hill. But then again, it was really misty this time around, it’s not my first time on a trip there this early but this is the first time I’ve seen so much mist… global warming lul? Well, it was nice none the less I guess, too bad I lack a camera.

Anyway, it was a 2.5 hours trip there, stayed there for another… forgot how long, and then we started our journey back at around 5pm, another 2.5 hours from there before we arrived back at our place and had our dinner out. Besides than (?) hours I spent sleeping at my grandparent’s house and the few minutes I spend watching TV (well, everyone was watching it, so I can’t really help but join in and have a look), I pretty must spent the whole time playing around with my PSP lol, including most of the trip there and back. What I found out today is that the PSP battery could last longer than I could use it on a single semi-free day. Bleh, my gaming fanatism nowadays disappoints me….


One comment

  1. At least it was mist and not smog? xD

    Also, too much of anything isn’t good for you… that includes PSP! xP

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