End of the Marathon

March 9, 2008

hmm, I didn’t really mention about it in the past few entries since it wasn’t really significant but I started watching an anime series I got from a batch torrent some eons ago during last Friday’s dinner. The case here is, my hard drive have been nearly full to the brim for the past few months mainly because of me following every single series of the season + more, along with my increasingly infrequent and sporadic anime watching sessions ever since I started Summon Night 4, and worse of after I got myself a PSP. Then I decided to allocate whole weekends on catching up on those stuff I have alone. So… yeah, 1 series down for this week~ That’s 5.75gb off my I:\ drive.

And here’s a less hypnotizing touhou version of the hypnotizing popotan video using the hypnotizing, catchy and addictive song that has screwed up my chain of thoughts a couple of time too often in my life.

Ai rabu Pachurii~


One comment

  1. Wait, you didn’t even mention what series you watched! o.o?

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