Soil juice

March 14, 2008

Due to some business I had to deal with after work earlier, I wasn’t able to take a shower immediately once I got home from work. Had my dinner early though, and it was when I was about to clean up my plates after that did I notice the water supply had been cut off. Pretty common occurrence here I suppose; repair and maintenance kind of things.

A while later, the water supply was restored, with water flowing through and all, only not ‘clear’ water… Then I noticed that my parents didn’t shut off the pipe linking the main water supply to our reserve tank… Infectious…
The shower I had later felt like crap.

…on another note, I’ve been playing a little of this lately:

dscn9138.jpg dscn9136.jpg


One comment

  1. Ewwww Shiroki, that story put a bad image in my head. >_>

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