Dual layerness

March 16, 2008

Some time long ago, I downloaded some huge ass stuff through torrent of dvd-9 origins, which has been laying dormant in my hard drive for ages, eating up approximately 8GBs each. Thought I’d hold on to them until the prices of DVD+R DLs drop to a reasonable scope.

It still have not reach the standard DVD+/-R price range yet but it has indeed dropped I suppose, with a friend of mine mentioning that he got one for RM12 or something like that some time ago. Ok, RM12 for 8gb is still no where near reasonable if I can just get the same 8GB with 2 standard DVDRs at under RM1 each, but it’s a lot better compared to the initial RM30 or so a little over a year ago. Yeah, and I got him to tell me where he bought them as well. Good stuff. But I never really bought them anytime soon after that since I was broke… and then eventually I forgot about the whole case… until yesterday that is.

So… yeah, as a result from some random external stimuli experienced a day before, I ended up recollecting memories regarding the whole bunch of 8GB stuffs and the RM12 DVD+R DL. Since I’m technically no longer broke right now, I went straight ahead for those RM12 things earlier today, and got them.

Indeed, it was RM12 for each of them… though I was expecting it to be RM10 by now, therefore I only brought RM34 along with me… and I needed 3 of them as well. After some haggling (which was actually just a one liner on my part), I got it down to RM11 each. RM33 there, not too bad I suppose.

I’ve already used up 2 out of the 3 by now; one tested to be working fine, another yet to be tested. I’m pretty happy with what I’m getting so far… only problem is the guy with the lewd face on the cover of the box but everything else’s fine… yep.


One comment

  1. “Lewd face”? If you say so. XD

    Nice haggling skills btw :p

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