Don’t stop the music! Though it already did.

March 17, 2008

Born to a financially below average and stingy family, I haven’t really experienced owning much electronics when I was young. Sure, I might have gotten a watch or flashlight or something every now and then but those are petty, negligible in this topic. Anyway, yeah, I had nuts when I were young, only started receiving gadgets very later on into my schooling days after I pwned some major exam; a PSX (I think… I can’t remember what’s the factor that triggered the acquisition. But then again, I was still in elementary. If there is any way to make stingy parents get you something very expensive when you’re still in elementary, that’s the only one).

So, with a history of not possessing much significant electronics, I do come across the problem of not having spare old apparels now and then when I need them… LIKE NOW. After over a paragraph long of backstory introduction, let me get to the main point of the entry for this time: all of my (well, almost) portable audio output devices are either dead or broken! orz. Yesh, none of my earphones and headphone are undamaged.

Having not owned any electronics earlier in my life, that includes portable cassette players, you know, Walkman (though the line of Walkmans have expended into radio receivers, cd players, mp3 players, and now even multimedia players, so yeah… it’s not just cassettes anymore, I know), with the earphones and stuff, my stock of spare earphones are scarce.

Here is the first earphone I really owned, EVER. I can’t remember since when exactly I first got it but it wasn’t too long back I’m sure, around 2003 I think. It came along with this radio receiver thing that someone gave me then. Never really used it much though since I don’t listen to radio much on the go, while there’s already a radio in my room for when I actually feel like listening to the radio. As of 5 weeks ago, the left earpiece started demonstrating problems, with the sounds going on and off randomly from time to time. A week after that, the left earpiece, together with the right earpiece decided to die for good. Currently, it’s officially bricked.

And here’s my favorite. I bought it with quality and heavy use in mind. I mostly use if for playing games or watching shows loudly without disturbing anyone around, but I also often bring it with me to some classes for those work requiring sounds as well since the computers in college doesn’t have speakers. It’s only been a little over a year since I got it and you can see how worn down it is by just the look of the earpiece cap thing. Well, I do try my level best to take care of my things mind you (especially this one since it cost me a fortune when I got it). I did not directly contribute to the factor that brought upon my headphone’s current state, it was my documents file I have in my bag where I happen to also keep my headphone… so as I walk around with my bag swinging back and forth, the caps press and rubs on the file’s surface. As time passes by, there you have it. It is still in perfect working condition though, the sounds are still of top quality. For the past few days, this is the phone I’ve been using.

About 2 weeks ago, I got this, a PSP earphone unit thing (its life was so short that I never got a chance to take a photo of it, so I’ll be using this one I got from the net if you don’t mind. That wasn’t even the model I had, but meh, it was something like that). Been using that for a little while, until the left earpiece suddenly started going weird (left earpiece AGAIN). So I brought it back for a different one but they were out of stock for it, so I’m going without any earphones… just that headphone with torn caps, but wearing headphones while walking is just… unnatural imo. Probably because I’m not too used to seeing too many wearing huge things around their head irl on the streets to have a mindset for them to be normal. Anyway, the people at the shop also mentioned that the new stocks should arrive at 2pm tomorrow so yay.

EDIT: I was practically half asleep halfway through making this entry. If any sentences happen to make no sense, that’s probably why. And I got my PSP earphone replacements so here’s the real photo:

PSP-S140 GApparently, it’s a fake too. Bah, as longs it stays working for long enough I won’t complain much I guess… much


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  1. Earphones must not like you. xD My earphones are fine but the caps have worn off and I don’t know where to get good replacements. :/

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