March 19, 2008

I have none of those. The camera I took all those photos with before weren’t mine either. Not to mention it’s one of those early generation fat ass digital camera with low megapixels. Well, actually I don’t really care about the megapixels, but I’ll mention it anyway just to support the fact that it’s old. I don’t mind it being old too though lol. But I do mind the part about it being fat. I need one of those camera phones or something, those “object that I will be carrying around and happen to be capable of taking pictures” kind of things. I always find myself to be cameraless everytime I run into something interesting while I’m out somewhere, depriving me of the ability to capture lulz. Today’s a good example; I found a toilet plunger with a transparent handle that looks very much like anal beads while I was loitering around a hardware store.

Carrying a real full fledged camera (like the one I’m having now) around would be dumb since I’m not going out to and only to hunt for things to take pictures of anyway. Blah, typing all these… not like I’ll be getting one anyway. I don’t mind anyone donating me one though :D Fine if it’s old, fine if it’s semi-functional, as long as it’s not some kind of bomb lol.

This entry would have been less ranty and more Toilet Plunger-Anal Bead 2-in-1 Combo Special if I had a camera with me then. Blame that.

Oh, and my PSP received its first physical damage today, courtesy of Not-Me. So… yeah… NOT HAPPY.



One comment

  1. I don’t have a camera either. The camera I take pictures with belongs to my mom and it’s not exactly new either.

    How’d your PSP get that scratch? ^^;

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