Holiday in the middle of no holidays

March 20, 2008

Well, even though I really should have a thing or two that I could have used my time productively on, I never really did anything today. Mostly spent the day testing some doujin games I downloaded recently but had no time to test them before and also some catching up on Shakugan no Shana II that I’ve left untouched for a tad too long. Actually, I only spend an hour at most on the games so mostly it was Shana.

I also have tonnes of other series that I haven’t catch up on since I left them during my final assignments period from last November. The rest will have to wait I suppose.

Nothing else too incredible happened today. I did have some chocolates though~



One comment

  1. You’re making me hungry. ~.~ Luckily yesterday was Easter, which means I’ve got plenty of candy around! =D

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