Gate Crusher

March 22, 2008

Hmm, went out to a supposedly ‘anime convention’ with a friend today but it turned out to be just another mmo convention. I, for one, am never one to be too interested in mmos. Not to the point of hazarding my lifestyle at least. Not to say I’m too fond of the local anime otakuism scene neither, I was just free today so I decided to tag along just so I have at least something to think about… well, I could have just continued on my Summon Night 4 at home but… well, just happened to feel like going out. Anyway, yeah, it was a waste of time, yes, but it wasn’t all bad. I did found a great place to get some Busou Shinki figures while I was there. In fact, I even found Yda and Ach in stock in some secluded shop omfg. Only thing between me and completely making my day was their price. While I always knew they were priced within that range, I never expected to run into them THERE so didn’t I brought along with me enough to buy any of them… but then again, even with what I had at home combined I wouldn’t have had enough to get them both at once anyway lol. At least I now know where I could get my hands on them. Now if only I can find Mulmeltia and some good souls out there were to be kind enough to hand over to me their Arnval and Strarf, 2008 would be my year of ultimate fortune and misfortune. Each of those costs around 99 bucks to 135 bucks so… assuming the worst possible scenario happens, it’ll cost me about 675 to get all of them… argh, my kidney! Oh, and I also sent a new order to Kinokuniya a few moments ago for my next batch of mangas, which should total to around 100 something. Aaa… what should I be eating for the months to come… =_=

Ah yes, the title of the entry. Well, as I was mentioning me oversleeping earlier, it appears that my mother married the family car’s ass with our front gate while she was driving home from the morning market. As a result from that, the gate has transformed into some grotesque contraption of unstraightness which prefers to get stuck and stay closed rather than be opened and allow her car husband out of her proximity. As for the car, well, it’s de-minted, flawed, broken, etc? Here is a pic of the happy couple.


Haha, we’re getting the gate changed soon too it seems. I wonder what kind it’ll be.



  1. Totally forgot you moved to WordPress. No wonder I haven’t seen new entries on msn space. xP

    As for this entry, sounds like you invest a lot in orders. :p I used to only buy Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, but my local manga store mysteriously closed down. So I had to get mine from online. It’s actually better this way, since it’s free. xP

    I hope my car doesn’t end up like that when I drive it soon :/

    *looks around for linkies* <..>

  2. Ouch, that’s a nasty scrape. :x Did she forget it was closed or what?

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