Pre-day of the Dead

March 26, 2008

Ah, Kinokuniya got together the stuffs I ordered during the weekends yesterday. 2 more days! Oh and my family will be going early for the Cheng Beng thing on this Sunday to avoid the horrid crowd and jam during the real day (Ok, imagine a single lane automobile road, with cars parked on one side, excavators parked on the other – all the way along the road, and that same single lane road is the ONLY way in AND out of the place. So… 4 vehicles side by side on a single lane road, anyone?).

That and the stuff I’m working on for my college is nearing completion. Veeery near. So near that if they actually bothered to give me a proper computer I could even finish it up for good in under a day.

On to another topic, there was a notice that came in today mentioning that there will be a power outage over here at my housing area from 10am to 3pm. Well, it doesn’t really affect me much since I won’t be here that whole time, just that my computer will have to be turned off and my downloads will be held up in a halt. Ok sure I won’t die from that but hey, that’s 5 hours of unlimited broadband usage my parents are paying for! (Then again, the speed they gave on a usual basis wouldn’t look too different from a dial-up line, but still!). I guess I’ll just have somebody start up my PC for me once the power returns.

Oh, and here’s some Shimotsuki + Tales greatness:

I vaguely remember posting that video somewhere on the net before in the past, just can’t seem to recall where exactly. Was it here? Hmm… I’m running out of youtube videos to post… I loiter in Nico more often than I do in youtube, and Nico doesn’t really like streaming videos outside their territory. Ah well.


One comment

  1. You’re complaining that you’re going to miss out on five HOURS of downloading when you’re not around? Okay, that’s just too funny. XD

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