April 2, 2008


well, it’s just another day with ‘work’ sticking in most of the middle part of it. Things are going pretty smoothly there so… nothing interesting. As for my few hours at home, I usually spend most of my time watching random unwatched episodes of whatever and/or playing Crisis Core. Oh, the lip-synching in Crisis Core is good, makes me wonder if they reanimated everything again for the English release…

Oh, and I STILL have not read any of those mangas I got the other day. And I already send out my next order to Kinokuniya lol. Lets see if the next batch would arrive before I touch these stuff or would I finish with this batch before the next wave arrives.

And here’s the first teaser (kinda) for the upcoming Touhou anime (cough):

Note: ‘Upcoming’ does not necessarily means ‘soon’.


One comment

  1. What, you haven’t read those mangas yet? I’m shocked! :p

    Wait, there’s going to be a Tohou anime now? Is this one fan-made too? :o

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