New orders

April 4, 2008

Like mentioned before, I have already sent out my next orders to Kinokuniya a few days ago. There are 4 books on the list this time. According to the reply I received, 3 of them will be arriving in 2 weeks. As for the remaining 1, it’ll only be released on the 9th so they aren’t really sure if it would arrive in time together with the rest. Meh, I still prefer to travel as less as possible so I’ll wait if I have to.

Not a very informative entry, yes, but wadahek.

Here’s the trailer to the upcoming Touhou anime (cough), released about one and a half years after the teaser (kinda):


One comment

  1. Touhou sure is popular, isn’t it?

    And yeah, I think I’d wait for all four books too, less hassle that way.

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