L: Change the WorLd

April 6, 2008

Watched that with some friends today.

As opposed to popular belief, it is NOT Death Note 3, it’s just… a display of events that happened after Death Note 2. It’s a spin off rather than a sequel to be exact (or maybe half of both, since the events DO follow up from exactly after 2, but not really since the point of the story is different altogether. Blah, something like that). The first two Death Note movies relate to L kinda like how Nurse Witch Komugi relates to Soul Taker, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha to Triangle Heart 3, Xena: Warrior Princess to Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Scorpion King to The Mummy… yeah, that kind of relation.

Storyline wise, it wasn’t really that special. Reminds me of Resident Evil in some ways. Though the motive of the evil deeds do sound quite plausible… very much like what I have been thinking all these while lol. cough

There are also too many use of cheesy gags. That and the audience around us laughed too much, even at some scenes that weren’t really meant to be comedic. Which did fubar a good portion of the experience.

All in all, it’s decent if you’re an insanely maniacal fan of Death Note (tera Death Note otaku?), but to the casual viewer, well… it’s… not… that… worth the hype… imo… Kind of floating around that Pathfinder level of entertainability. Well, at least there are some redeeming points, like the lulzful scene in Pathfinder with those people jumping enthusiastically into their own traps, L had a loli in red~~ err, well, just don’t expect it to be too epic if you decide to watch it.

Oh, and also, that red loli’s father. For someone who’s already being infected with some super fatal virus while also being fried in a plasma furnace at the same time, he sure takes forever to die lol.


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  1. I heard about this briefly before and that it was “okay but not great.” It seems you had the same opinion. I haven’t seen the Death Note movies but I really liked the anime series!

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