Effort wastage

April 9, 2008

That’s one of the things I hate the most, especially if it was MY effort. Exactly that happened today.

Yesterday, I took up a job to design some simple signages to indicate locations and stuff within the venue for the convocation event taking place this Saturday. He briefed with me little on what he wanted for the signs. He drew an example for me too. From that example, it looks like he wants are signs with directional arrows pointing towards various rooms. So I was to work on it today and be done with the designing and printing before lunch. After I was mostly done with everything, the guy came in to take a look on what I’ve done so far, he accepted the design, with only some minor adjustments were made. The designing process was very quick since it was supposed to be simple. It was done in a jiffy, but not without some effort on my part since Adobe Illustrator did not really work as conveniently as I expected it to be, so quite some manual work were required.

Then come the time I was supposed to print it out and I accidentally cut and paste the final file instead of copying it. Then I accidentally deleted that file thinking I copied it. It was only a few minutes later that I realized that I cut the original file instead of copying it, which means I effectively deleted my only copy of the final file. Also, I have this habit of holding down the shift button when I press the delete button so… yeah, irretrievable. What did I do next? Go for lunch :)

I redid everything I after that and waited for my roommate to be done with what he was doing so I could use his Mac to print my things. Here are a few characteristics of this printer we have in our room:

  • It is only connected to the Mac
  • There are only a drop or two black ink left in it
  • The paper feeder can only accommodate one piece of paper at a time

And here are the characteristics of my printing job:

  • Each signage has an arrow
  • There are signages for 8 different locations
  • There are a version with the arrow pointing right and another version of the arrow pointing left for each different locations
  • 2 of each has to be printed
  • In total, 10% of them all and orange and the rest are black.

So… manually handling 32 pieces of printing? No wai.

I decided to just go and leave the files with the IT guys and have them print for me while I do my other works. Then I can pick it up a while after that or something and no time will be wasted. But then, the place was FILLED with students so I still have to wait for them to be done before I could use the printer. Or more like, I’m going to be hogging the printer for eons if I start so, being the considerate person that I am, I let them finish up with whatever they are going to print first.

But the waves of students coming in never ceases to subside and eventually, I find myself waiting for something that will never come. So, reluctantly, I went back upstairs to my room, deciding to just resort to manually handling the printing 32 times. Unfortunately though, my roommate was still busy with his work and more staffs were flooding in to acquire his assistance. I was left sitting there, having lots to do but none I could do.

After another half an hour or so, I went back down to the IT departments to find the place to be significantly less student populated. I began printing. This process rewarded me with an hour OT. The printing was so slow that it went on for way over an hour pass the time I’m supposed to head home.

After it all, I was ready to go home with a light mind and a burden off my shoulder when I saw the guy who asked the things from me and handed the stuff over to him. He THEN only said he didn’t want the directional arrows and that they were supposed to be signs stick on doors to the respective rooms mentioned in the sign rather than sticked on walls to point towards the respective rooms. Great… juuuuuuuuuust great. haa haa haa haa…

Here’s the op of a new series that I’m watching.

Part of that opening stuttered on my computer when I watched it. That’s the first h264 that really had trouble playing on my computer on a fully idle state.

Pretty decent show as well. The character design style kind of reminds of Red Garden… kinda.


One comment

  1. I hate wasting effort too, so much so that when I play a game or write a Word document I’ll save every couple minutes, just in case something goes wrong I won’t have to re-do my work. xD

    Also, I’m just like you when it comes to the printer. If I’m going to be hogging it for a while I try to let everyone else finish. Luckily my work isn’t that crowded so it usually isn’t a problem.

    The animation style in that OP is kinda weird. Does it really look like that in the show? >.>

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