Road to Illness

April 10, 2008

Was starting to feel horrible halfway through Jap class earlier. There was this uneasy feeling on the back of my nose since this morning, guess it was the first sign. And I wouldn’t need to be a genius to find out that all those chocolates I ate for the past few days had to do with it. But then again, I’m feeling a little better now that I’ve, without professional authorization or supervision, taken two self prescribed commercial drugs. Ah shucks.

As for work, it was just like any other day except I was placed in a very uneasy position thanks to some unforeseen chain of events. Tomorrow could either turn bad or normal… gah.

Anyway, here’s another new series for this season that I’m watching. Do forgive the elongated characters since its supposed to be in a widescreen (16:9) format but Youtube loves 4:3.

The show is pretty interesting so far I guess. “So far” being as far as only the first episode.


One comment

  1. Chocolates? >.> Get well soon, Shiroki! ^_^;

    Kanokon… I heard about that just the other day on ware4me’s site. It’s an interesting idea, anyway: the girl fuses with the guy, turning him into a kitsunemimi. xD Right?

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