Epic Battle

April 12, 2008



lol, maybe I can use them to make some random stop motion series or something.

ok maybe not.

Anyway~~ Went to Time Square today and finally got myself a Yda! Wooohoooo~~

Yda box

It seems that the last Ach has been picked up by someone somewhere within the past few weeks period since my last visit there. So, now Ach joins the league or eternally extinct Shinki figurines… (maybe?)

They also got stocks for Mulmeltia there now! Took some time thinking whether should I get my Yda as planned or the Mulmeltia since I wanted that very much too. I finally went with Yda anyway since it’s the last one there, while there are still trillions of stock for Mulmeltia as far as I can visually tell. Better get the last one before anyone else extinctifies it eh.

I should be getting my pay somewhere within next week if my college does not betray my trust, so then I will most definitely be going to Time Square again to grab whatever else I feel like grabbing. Along the way while I head to Kinokuniya again to get my next batch of stuff~

Fortune never stay materialized for long in my hands.


One comment

  1. That boxy robot in the middle is about to get pwned. :p

    Mulmeltia? Yda? I am totally lost. @.@

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