Financial Revelation

April 14, 2008

Found out today at work that my pay aren’t “4 bucks per hour” any longer. It’s now “an undetermined monthly flat figure based on your overall performance”. You know what’s that called in the dictionary? CON.

That and I also found out that we most probably won’t be getting our dough until after our final semester starts. Great, and I was thinking I could get it by this week… I even spent most of my money at Time Square the other day. Aaa… my next order’s coming in a soon… how am I going to pay for those? >_> Well, if I look hard enough in my cupboards and stuff I should be able to dig out some random hundreds I guess, but those money aren’t limitless and I’d rather not touch them if I could help it. Ah well.

Anyway, here’s the OP to a series I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time:


One comment

  1. Are they allowed to change your payment terms like that so suddenly? o_o;

    That show… I think I heard about it from you before. The maid guy kinda scares me a little. ^^;;

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