Bad mixture

April 16, 2008

If you were given the opportunity to savor on things for free with no limitations or consequences, would you hold back? I know I wouldn’t. I was brought up not to. Or at least a 99% of everyone else around me here wouldn’t either.

So, well, at work, we have this pantry with Milo powder, some instant coffee powder of unknown brand, some creamer of unknown brand and sugar, neatly arranged in a welcoming manner on the shelves. Of course, they are there for the staffs FOC.

The thing I’ve been doing all these while involves mixing 45% Milo powder, 10% creamer 4% coffee powder and 6% sugar with 35% water. What I got from that was a cup of stuff so thick it felt like yogurt.

Anyway, the creamer was out today and I made the same formula sans creamer. That… cup of thing tasted like… some sort of concentrated essence of global disease. It was definitely because of the coffee. Got a stomachache after that.

Well, at least that was something to talk about lol. I actually started thinking it sounds stupid for an entry topic halfway through typing that but I went ahead anyway, since I’m halfway through it already anyway. Turned out uninteresting as expected. Go have some ice cream or something.

Oh, and tomorrow’s the last day of my internship! Then it’s off to Terrenganu the day after that! w00t


One comment

  1. I’m sorry to say this, but no, I do not know what Milo Powder is. Well, I didn’t until I read the Wiki link. I don’t even know if they sell that here, or least I’ve never seen it. Then again, I haven’t been looking.

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