Return from a semi-foreign land

April 20, 2008

Yeah, well, after being away from my computer for approximately 59 hours, I’m finally back from Terengganu~

The trip there was interesting I’d say. The place itself wasn’t too bad; most of the lulz came from my observation of some of my other trip members. Here’s a brief intro on who came along excluding myself: My father, my mother, aunt 1, aunt 2 and my sister’s friend. You see, in case if you did not know, that place is kinda like an ultra-Islamist territory, so looking for Chinese food there (which are often if not mostly consist of pork, inhumanely slaughtered animals, etc; blasphemy in the Islamic teachings) was like looking for a polite driver in Malaysia. They are near non-existent. And my mother, aunt 1 and aunt 2 are unyielding Chinese ideologically infused Chinese maniacs who think anything other than Chinese food will never fill the stomach properly and anything other than Chinese food will kill the eater with stomach cancer and what not. Yeah, that’s basically the premise of the lulz for this trip. Survivor Terengganu, survive without Chinese food lol. I, my father and my sister’s friend don’t really mind what cultural origins our meals have so we did not really panicked like they did.

Anyway, the trip was simple, spent most of the first day getting there, the second day visiting my sister at her camp, and most of the last day getting back. That last day being today of course.

A few notes about that place. The place was pretty nice, with houses lining among lush greeneries, visible coastlines along the way, a whole lot cleaner environment with almost no trash in sight, only thing was the trip there was loooooooooooooong and crazy bumpy aloooooooooooooong the way. It’s as if no maintenance were ever done to the roads since the British colonisation some eons ago. Anyway, the trip there and back almost broke my neck a few gajillion times.

Most of my free time there were spent with my PSP and all its funky redundant homebrews I’ve stuffed into it. Now that I’m home, I’m looking for more homebrews while also catching up on all the torrents and whatever internet stuff that I’ve missed out on these past two days. It’s funny how most of my decent find comes from youtube descriptions >_>;;

Well then, if you’d excuse me, I have to get my serving of KoF’02 using MAME on my PSP, though I’ll probably meet another premature defeat but its awwwright.


One comment

  1. Sounds like you spent more time on the road than at the camp! Apparently your mom thinks food is “serious business.” And I know how annoying a bumpy ride can be.

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