Empty Loop returns

April 22, 2008

It’s finally the break that I’ve been working for and yet, nothing that I’ve planned to do have been done. No, not even a tiny bit of anything ever since I got back from Terengganu. Ok, I did so some random fiddling with my PSP and what not, BUT nothing significant, nothing that I’ve been planning to do since some time ago. Just like every other long holidays I had for the last few semesters. Mostly either because I was lazy or because I couldn’t do them for whatever reason.

A few things that I’ve been thinking about doing during this break includes but not limited to cleaning up my room, repositioning my bed to its original position, make another visit to KLCC, make another visit to Time Square, make another something on Adobe Premiere, and some other random stuff that I can’t seem to recall right now. Those are excluding things I HAVE to do like finishing up on the internship report, prepare for the final interview, and some other stuff I seem to have forgotten about.

What I’ve done so far for the past few days? Either pressing F5 on TokyoToshokan for hours, watch some random anime, or play some random endingless game. At least I have plans for next week (kind of) when my orders arrive~ I’m definitely going to KLCC then. And I’ve already got a few more books in mind for the orders after the next. And I’m still broke. Ahahahaha~~


One comment

  1. Laziness is infectious, the hardest part is starting something, but once you set your mind to do something it shouldn’t be that hard.

    By the way, what’s Time Square? Is it anything like Times Square in NYC? :p


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