The Videoful Entry

April 23, 2008

The title’s literal. Since I haven’t really done or have anything special happen to me today, I’ll just make an entry about PS2 and PSP games that I am currently looking forward to. They may have been released or they may not have been released, I’m not too sure since I have not checked the stores for a very long time now but I think most, if not all, of them haven’t been released yet. Well, since I’m lazy, there wouldn’t be much of my opinions or anything from my brain. In short: Maximum visuals, minimum effort, youtube.

Persona 4 (PS2)

Well, it’s Persona 4. If I remember correctly, the setting this time is in some rural country-side place. Hinamizawa with lots of Oyashiro-samas lol? It does give that kind of feel. The theme this time revolves around… staring at blank TV sets at midnight. And they are burning cards now rather than blowing their brains out with a gun when summoning their persona.

Mana Khemia 2 (PS2)

It’s another Gust RPG using Iris’ engine, albeit updated. It’s also the next in the installation of Mana Khemia series. I heard somewhere sometime last year that the English version for the first Mana Khemia will be out soon as well. Not sure if that “soon” has passed though.

Sengoku Basara X (PS2)

Basara fighting game, simple as that. A product of Capcom and Arc System Works (of Guilty Gear fame) collaboration apparently. Well, I’m a sucker for killer combos that drag on for hours so… yeah~☆

Star Ocean 2 Second Evolution (PSP)

A remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PSP with significantly improved graphics and a whole truck load of animated cut scene. tri-Ace is on a roll releasing remakes of their older Star Ocean games on the PSP. Star Ocean: First Departure, which is a remake of the first Star Ocean, was also released for the PSP not too long ago. I guess it’s something like a marketing ploy to build up the hype before the release of their Star Ocean 4. Not sure if this one includes Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (Second Story’s direct sequel) though.

Err, will add more later if I feel like it… maybe.


One comment

  1. I suppose burning cards is more censor-friendly than shooting yourself in the head. I was surprised Persona 3 got released here after you told me how their personas are summoned.

    I’ve never heard of Mana Khemia before. The graphics look a little…outdated. ^^; But the story must be good, right?

    I’ve never heard of Sengoku Basara either. I wonder that series was ever released in the U.S. (same with Mana Khemia), hmm…

    Star Ocean 2 sounds good. I watched Star Ocean EX so I already know a lot about the story. It’s a shame the anime ended without a real resolution though. I guess they couldn’t fit the entire plot into 26 episodes!

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