Unrecorded past

April 24, 2008

I’ve notice that every time I make an entry, or any log about any activities I may be doing, I tend to leave out some details that I forgot about or deem too troublesome to fully explain in self-contained text. And it is these details that evolve into something major later on, and when that happens, writing about them will be a tad harder as the roots of the events were not revealed beforehand back when it was relevant.

Actually, I’m looking at quite a lot of entry worthy materials flying by me every day but it is these lack of initial notes that makes mentioning them now a lot more inappropriate.

The consequences to these are usually just the loss of entry worthy material but if a more elaborate series of unfortunate circumstances were to be woven together, like what happened to my internship report, it could possibly doom a final semester result. I’ll refrain from going into details with that matter as I deem it too troublesome to fully explain in self-contained text.

Now why am I talking about this in this entry? Because I originally had something in mind to put here earlier but I’ve forgotten what it was. It’s probably another something that I’ll regret never mentioning in the future, yeah.


One comment

  1. That’s the problem with life, isn’t it? Unlike a story, you’re not always in control of the outcome. That’s why, when you’re writing a blog entry, you’re never sure which details to mention and which to leave out.

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