April 25, 2008

Had another headache for most of today. What’s up with my brain these days? I’m having more and more headache nowadays. Bleh, probably not something that’ll kill me, I hope.

Anyway, fixed it with some self prescribed commercial drugs, again taken without professional authorization or supervision~

Rrrrrrrrrr, I’m feeling high~~~ wooooooooooooooo

Seriously now, headache sucks, consuming pure chemical sucks, this sucks. I need a new brain. Donors?

Oh, here’s the opening to a series from a few seasons ago, based on probably one of the best HRPG ever:


One comment

  1. I’d lend you my brain but I need it now and then, sorry. :p

    Are you getting enough sleep at night? Are you sleeping ok? Those things can cause headaches sometimes.

    Prism Ark is an HRPG? I’ve heard of it but I don’t know anything about it.

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