Crossed seas & scaled volcanoes for some books

April 27, 2008

Since I have already received the message from Kinokuniya last night regarding my never arriving final 4th book, there really aren’t anymore reason why I should wait any longer to get over there and retrieve my other 3 books. So that was exactly what I planned to do for today.

The trip there was quite obstacle ridden. Because I wasted a lot of time fooling around with Supreme Commander before I left, it was already quite late when I departed (around 3pm). The route I decided to take this time involves: A bus from Sunway Pyramid to the KTM station behind Carrefour, a KTM from there to KL Central, and then a Putra LRT from there to KLCC. I got a call from my parents when I was on the bus and she told me that we will be going out for dinner at night, meaning I have to be back by around 5 or 6pm. Now the entire trip from before I board the bus till around the time I get off the Putra LRT in KLCC would usually take about an hour at least. That’s an hour there and an hour back, I definitely won’t make it home by 5 since walking from the station in KLCC to Kinokuniya itself takes quite some time. Kinokuniya’s not right next to the station after all, it’s all the way at the other end of the world.

I missed 2 no.99 Mini Buses when I got to the bus stop in front of Sunway Pyramid so I took this no.66 Mini Bus which was also heading for the KTM station, it started raining pretty heavily not long after that. Arriving at Subang Parade, I was expecting it to turn left into the back of Carrefour where the station is but it then went straight ahead instead. I then found out that 66 does not park into the station like 99s do but instead drives past in front of Carrefour. So I got off in front of Carrefour. By now it was already raining cats and dogs. With no umbrella in hand, no time to lose and no better idea in mind, I dashed across the vast unroofed lengths to reach the entrance to the only building separating me and the KTM Station, Carrefour.

In there, I tried looking for a back exit, hoping to minimize the drenching I may inevitably have to go through by finding the shortest road towards the station from within the building. First place that crossed my mind was the car park exit. I remember there was an exit that goes out at the back of the place, one that’s facing the entrance to the station. Finally got to the station after lots of walking around escalators and stuff. That was 30 minutes. The rest of the trip there was smooth. Reached KLCC at around 4:10pm.

After walking around the place a little, I somehow ended up recalling some unpleasing memories from not too long ago so my mood turned quite sour there. Looked around the Japanese section of Kinokuniya before getting my orders from the counter. I stopped by at the book search booth on my way out and I tried typing the title of that book of mine that got seized and whadayaknow~ it’s “in stock”, so I pressed the print button for the map of where it is in the store. The lag the thing experience ticked off my earlier unpleasant mood and I pressed the print button again repeatedly several times. What came out later was a few copy of details regarding the book and a notice saying that book is “in stock, but currently the location information is not available”. I don’t know if I should be hoping they somehow managed to smuggle a few copies of the title in or they were just lying.

I tried rushed back home after that. Used the same route I took earlier back. Everything was fine until the KTM part. After halfway through the trip on it, I (and everyone else around me as well apparently) smelled something unusual coming from the air conditioner above me. Now I don’t know how well informed are everyone on that train regarding electronics since no one panicked but that smell was the smell of electronic circuits burning. Now, I’m on an electrically powered train running at 120km/h and there’s something possibly burning directly above my head. The number of passengers on board also left me little room to dodge into if there happens be an explosion going off above my head. I jumped off the thing the moment it reached back at the Subang station. I don’t know if there’ll be any articles about an exploding train on the news tomorrow, I’m just glad I still have my head.

I then got on the bus outside the station and headed home. Then my mother told me the dinner off when I got back. Heh…

Anyway, here is an indiscriminate picture of the bunch of stuffs I got through out this trip, all of them:


One comment

  1. Sounds like quite an adventure. :o

    You’ll have to forgive me if I didn’t recognize half the names you used in there. xD

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