More headache + reports

April 28, 2008

Had another major headache today. Which forced me to take more solid chemical.

I also somehow recalled that I have to go for the final meeting for the semester this coming Wednesday for the briefing about how we should do our report and what preparations should be done for our presentation/interview next Tuesday. And I have to finish my report before the briefing so I could have my coordinator give me feedbacks on where I can improve on. An advice with a visual support is always better than an advice with thin air.

Well, guess I’ll have to work on my report for these few days then. Not that there’s much left of it for me to add, but that doesn’t mean it’s completed, there are still a couple of more troublesome parts I have to deal with. Ah well.

Here’s something random (it’s so famous I don’t think anyone would need anyone else to show this to them, I think. Yeah, ran out of idea of what to put up. That and I’m sleepy):

A pretty good show. Just that it gives me this feeling that it might end up being another one of those never ending series though. Those are not hdd friendly, not for hdds owned by people with my kind of policy. Ok, just got news that it might be 51 episodes long. Well, anything is fine with me as long as it’s not going to be infinite episodes.


One comment

  1. Good luck finishing that report! ^^b

    Soul eater? I’ve never seen it, looks pretty weird but interesting. :p

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