Day of typing

April 29, 2008

Today mostly consist of work relating to my internship report. I can’t remember if I mentioned it before but I al ready did a huge portion of it a few weeks ago so I actually have a little left to be done on it before it is completed. However, I got carried away while typing it and ended up using the whole day turning it into a huge body of text about… I dunno… complains and sarcasm perhaps?

Anyway, I’m done with the typing part of it now, what’s left are only just to insert some images here and there and also the designing part of the job, the cover and stuff, print them, bind them and I’m done for this portion of the finals. What’s left after that are the PowerPoint slide show and the summarized materials to be presented during the interview next week.

I’ll have to return to college tomorrow for the final meeting before the actual interview. We are going to be discussing about how we are supposed to do our reports, how we are supposed to make the slide show and also what are we expected to do during the interview. Aaah, back to college… >__>

I also spent quite some time wandering around Nico and Youtube today. To the point that the router(or modem, not sure which but it’s one of them) got fried a couple of times a few moment ago. It’s working now, I hope it doesn’t get fried again while I’m asleep… Stagnant downloads + computer switched on = waste of electricity. I guess 3 years of constant running finally got to the router(or modem).

Anyhow, here’s something I found during my tube spree:

Now that’s what I call clever manipulation of existing still pictures and video clips. One certain scene will look very if not extremely familiar to many who visits this blog unless you have been living under a rock for the past 3 years.


One comment

  1. Hopefully the person reading your report doesn’t give up because it’s too long. xD

    What, ANOTHER Touhou video?! They’re endless! You’re right though, a clever use of still imagery. :p

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