Etc rush 2

May 4, 2008

Did more of the preparation stuff today. Completed the written report, arranged all the necessary pictures and things, printed most of them out, etc. Only thing left to deal with now is the PowerPoint slide show, printing out my portfolio, printing name card, printing the front cover of my report, and binding my report.

For the portfolio, I was initially thinking about printing it outside along with my name card and report cover but now I’m having second thoughts after I discovered that the price for a single A4 colour printing would cost me 10 years worth of lunch money. I guess I’ll just print it using my printer tomorrow.

As for the PowerPoint slide show, I’m currently having a block on what I should put in there… along with what I really should be saying during my 10 minutes slot this Tuesday… =__= I suppose I have my report to refer to but I don’t think I would want to speak out aloud what I’ve written in there. It’s… not something nice to say~ especially when those referred are present during the presentation.

Last minute pressure, serious business.

P.S. I DID NOT bring upon myself this predicament. I PLANNED to do my work earlier but things just didn’t really work out like I wanted it to… it’s part of those stuff I happen to omit out of my entries, yep.

Here’s randomness:

It’s an unofficial opening movie for Touhou Suimusou. Though the song doesn’t really fit ‘touhou’ in general, it still matches this video somehow. Epic game needs epic op? Hinokakera had one of these too huh now that I think of it.


One comment

  1. Color printing costs that much? :o

    Yeah, the song doesn’t really match Touhou very well. ^^;

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