May 6, 2008

IT’S FINALLY OVER! FOR GOOD! Well, hopefully. It would have meant that I have failed this semester if it isn’t. It would also have meant my family’s a few hundred bucks poorer is it isn’t. It was my final presentation today, where we were to detail our experiences during the last 3 months. Anyway, now it’s officially my holidays~! And the holidays turned out to be shorter than expected. From a month it turned into about 2 weeks or so… shuck.

Oh, and I went to some food place with some friends today that had stuff with names that sounded like some kind of martial arts super finisher or something. I had a drink called “Snow Mountain Flying Wolf”, which tastes weird.

Here’s some youtube:

Another new series starting this season. This season aren’t really new by now with 5 weeks already passed but meh, I love this opening song.


One comment

  1. Congrats on finally finishing your long ordeal. ^^

    Did…did that video say “Library War”? o_o;;

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