Iron Man PSP

May 9, 2008

It’s been a while since I wrote any real (semi real?) review about anything other than movies. Like always, the reason why I decided to write this is because there really isn’t anything else to write about today… ok, that’s the same for every other day but blah, I just felt like it this time. Another reason is because I just finished the game that I’ll be reviewing today so. Anyway, lets get to it.

Iron Man PSP

Ok, Iron Man for PSP. Do keep in mind though that what I’ll be talking about here is the Iron Man game on the PSP and PSP alone. The version found on the other platforms has far superior graphics and possibly different gameplay as well so my opinions here may or may not apply to the ones on the other platforms.

Alright, with that said, the game~ yes, well, first and foremost, it has a VERY wacky control scheme. The directional analog nob is for moving forward, backward, strafe left and strafe right; □ is for looking left, △ is for looking up, 〇 is for looking right, and × is for looking down; ↑ & ↓ is for switching between weapons, and ← & → is for switching between different energy profile (whether to distribute all energy to the armor for more defense, to distribute all energy to the weapons for more attack damage, to distribute all energy to the propulsion to fly around faster, or to distribute them evenly among the three to be balanced); L button for jump (tapping L quickly once), long jump (pressing L quickly once), hovering (holding down L for a moment), ascend while hovering (hold down L while already hovering), flight (quickly tap L twice) and also to cancel hover or flight (quickly tap L while hovering or flight); R button for both melee (quickly tap R twice or just press it normally when near a destructible or target) and ranged attacks (just press R normally). What’s going to frustrate players most are the L and R buttons. At the beginning, everything seems horrible, but one’ll get used to most of it eventually… EXCEPT for L and R.

Now, because of many functions being activated using that same two buttons, there are many instances where one would accidentally activate something they didn’t plan to, like for example… say… flying into a wall in the middle of a boss fight when you really was just trying to jump behind the boss, or punching the box next to you when you really was trying to shoot the rocket launcher guy in front of you. In normal circumstances, these kind of blunders could easily get you killed and stuff but if you know how to manipulate those energy profiles, you can get through most of this game without dying even once… well, of course, unless you accidentally flew into the enemy boss’ beam of doomxorz or something like that lol, which aren’t unlikely as well. In the game, the player has a limited pool of energy that auto regenerate itself. These energy are then distributed among the propulsion bar, armor bar and weapon bar. Propulsion bar basically is Iron Man’s rocket fuel I guess, if it runs out, he’ll fall off the sky, the armor bar is the life bar, and the weapon bar is basically the repulsor ray’s ammunition. Usually, by default, it is distributed evenly but you can manually distribute more to any of the 3 to reinforce the respective aspects… now here’s the trick. When, say… the armor bar has been massively depleted after you got Omni Slashed or something, distribute all energy to weapon or propulsion temporarily, then quickly redistribute them all back to armor or evenly. This will draw some energy from the weapon and propulsion bar into the armor bar, instant heal you may say.

weapons selection screen

Plus point for this game is that there are quite some weapons to choose from. One starts off with the basic repulsor ray, with 2 other weapons given to the player by default very early on; a basic machine gun and rocket launcher. The equipments in the game are separated into 4 categories; repulsor, ballistic, explosives and armor. Repulsor are the basic weapon the Iron Man has and it doesn’t use any ammo but uses energy instead, like mentioned earlier, it pulls energy off the weapons bar so each shot of this cuts out a chunk from the weapon bar. Ballistic weapons are machine guns, pulse guns and those kind of stuff, ammo-ed rapid fire stuff. Explosives are rockets and missiles. Armor are the basic abilities or passive abilities of the suit, like stronger defense or things like that. Players then gain exp for the respective weapon when used to defeat enemies and when enough exp are accumulated, new weapons or variations of the existing weapons will be rewarded. However though by the end of the game, no weapons were stronger than the fist so… yeah, punch everything for easy victory.

Well, all in all, it’s an ok game if you can get over the terrible controls. I find it quite fine, though the part where I had to protect the buildings were pretty frustrating, the second final battle too.

Hmm, I was planning to get more in-game screen shots of the game but I somehow screwed up my savedata while getting those above two lol. Now my hard earned 100% completion savedata is gone… heh, oh well.


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  1. Those sound like very complicated controls. ^^; I think a lot of potentially good games are kind of ruined by bad controls. Okay, not “ruined,” but not as good as they could have been. That’s one reason why I like Nintendo games, they always have great controls! :p

    P.S. – The strongest weapon is a fist??

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