Hardware woes

May 10, 2008

Was originally planning to write another review but well, it’s too late now, and I’m tired. So maybe tomorrow or something.

Today was just another normal Saturday with nothing, nothing and nothing happened. Spent most of my time burning things into DVDs and clearing up my hard disk drive. I can tell that something inside my CPU is about to physically die. The machine’s performance had been steadily dropping and it has been having trouble with heavy multitaskings that I used to always do. Someone mentioned the problem might just be the hdd being overly clotted; while I do plan to reformat my hdd again when I get my hands on an external hdd sometime soon, I still doubt the fault is on the hdd, I mean, lags while playing h264 and burning a DVD at the same time has NOTHING to do with the hdd… it’s the PROCESSOR. But then again, afaik, a computer wouldn’t even start up if its processor is even partially damaged so since my computer is technically still operational, the processor can’t really be the real problem either… I guess. I dunno… >__>

Oh well, anyway, here’s some stuff:

omfg Itou Kanako! I like Itou Kanako tooooo~~ This is the opening to Nitro+’s latest game, Chaos;Head. Nitro+ is the company who made Demonbane and Saya no Uta btw in case if you don’t know huzahek is Nitro+. And I like Sasaki Mutsumi very much as well.


One comment

  1. I think you should get an external HDD, at the very least so you can back up your data in case your system suddenly dies on you.

    I notice that anime and game openings seem to have the same format these days. :o

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