Full day

May 11, 2008

It’s another one of those full day outing today. Went out for breakfast in the morning and the only next time I set foot in my room was when it was already dark.

Well, the things went from breakfast > shopping at 1U > dinner > return, with the 1U part taking up 87% of it. I finally found the brand of rechargeable batteries that I have been looking for since way before the dawn of time somewhere in 1U today too. Aside from that, I also ran into this girl in some Victorian era maid/gothloli kind of hybrid outfit walking around during the later portion of the visit there who appears to be participating in some sort of promotional thingy for some… stuff… somewhere… I suppose.

Nothing unusual aside from those.

Ok, here’s the moving pictures for today:

Moar Touhou!? Hmm, this one sure used a lot of Yuuki Tatsuya’s illustrations… and the song makes me feel like playing something Bemani again!

lol, wiki surge.


One comment

  1. What’s 1U? Some of your entries require footnotes. xD

    Touhou again? Do you just surf for new videos all day? xP

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