Severe head injury caused by food poisoning lol

May 12, 2008

Today was a sudden change of pace for a holiday that had been quite the lackluster so far, just not towards the better side of the spectrum… it never is for me.

Anyway, got one of the more terrible kind of food poisoning today. I was having this extreme pain from practically my entire abdomen even while I was dreaming in my sleep. Funny how the dream incorporates the pain into the plot of the dream lol. In there, the pain was supposed to be some sort of curse I got from someone or something. It was one of those epic battle themed dreams with swords and sorcery and stuff like that… and I got cursed, thus the pain, so yeah. Thought the pain was just a part of the dream, so I figured I could fix it by just waking up when the pain gets out of hand. However, that wasn’t the case~ t3h pain was r34l =__=

After I woke up, I walked about trying whatever I could come up with to ease the pain, which gradually got worse, to the point I actually fainted and plunged my skull into some random solid sharp object that till now I still can’t seem to recall what it was, but anyway~ the point is~ severe head injury caused by food poisoning lol. Had 5 stitches to fix it up after that and an obligatory anti-tetanus jab on my left arm to prevent me from catching the permasmile syndrome. My left arm is now as numb as a rock. (This hindered my 1337 gaming capabilities for the rest of today)

I’ll be having this scar thing on my forehead when it fully recovers, rawr.

Today was an epic day, yes.


One comment

  1. You already told me about this on MSN so there’s not much more I can say..

    To lighten the mood: Maybe the scar will make you look like Harry Potter? =)

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