A computerless scenario

May 13, 2008

My sister returns to her camp today. Sent her off at 11 and got home by 12. The rest of the day was spent on my PSP, either watching Narutaru or playing GTA. Actually, I was also watching Narutaru on my PSP during the trip home after we dropped off my sister actually. I’ve been watching it on the thing since yesterday when my parents were worried of me dying without their knowledge hence requiring me to stay in the living room, where my sister was using the computer there for… whatever she was doing… Narutaru will probably be the first series I watch entirely on a PSP lol.

Alternating between game and anime on a tiny lcd screen while lying down facing up towards the florescence for about 7 or 8 hours sure got my eye bloody irritated. And I can’t really rub it well with a wound on my forehead (yeah, I know rubbing the eyes aren’t the best course of action but well, I bet it’s the first thing anyone would do when their eyes aren’t comfortable) either. Meh. For the anime part, yeah, I know I could just went and use the computer downstairs to watch the rest of the series on a bigger screen since my sister’s not here anymore as of 12pm but blah, I was too lazy to get off my back. It was also a good opportunity to prove to my ever so paranoid parents that I can deliberately live without a computer… so yeah.

Do note though: anime ≠ computer

Went out with some friends till very early in the morning that night. </notables>

Alright, here is the thing that I felt like putting up today:

Click on the video area for better video quality. And yes, that’s the entire first episode of it… well, it’s technically the first episode. Prologue episode to the series you may call it. It’s funny how the title of it sound so yaoi but the show turns out to be yuri.


One comment

  1. Narutaru…it’s been a while since I watched that show! Also, I think they recommend you not stare at the screen too long. No wonder your eyes were hurting! Did it ever occur to you to take a break now and then? :p

    Why is the show called Candy Boy? I don’t think I saw a single guy the entire time. o.o

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